How to Mine Tesoro(TSX)
2020-06-04 16:12:30 Tyler 194

1. Click Download XMRig CPU Miner, then unzip the file. Find the file "xmrig.bat"



2, right mouse click on the "xmrig.bat" file, select "Edit", in the open text file, add the following command line.

xmrig.exe -o -u onepool_loginname:worker_name -p x -k

To use the mining software downloaded from OnePooL, simply change the "onepool_loginname" in the "xmrig.bat" file to your own onepool account (phone number or email address used to register the onepool), save the settings and run the "start.bat" file. worker_name (miner's number, name of the machine, customize as a number or combination of letters) is separated by a colon.  Only the characters corresponding to the gulf pool account number and miner's number should be changed out when modifying, and the spaces and punctuation should not be increased or decreased.

3、 After setting the parameters, save and exit the "xmrig.bat" file, then double click to run the "xmrig.bat" file and start mining.

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